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  • Where should I park, and how do I get in?"
    Our church building doesn't have its own parking lot. Most people park on S. Maryland Ave., or in the MARC station lot less than a block away. There are several parking spots on the street in front of the church that are reserved for those with handicapped parking permits. On Sunday mornings, the front doors of our church are wide open to welcome you!
  • What should I wear?
    Please dress comfortably. There are some who attend worship services in suits or dresses, and others who wear jeans and sandals. Either is appropriate: what's important is your presence.
  • Are children welcome in worship services?
    Absolutely! We give thanks for all of the ways we learn with and from the youngest members of our congregation. Each service includes a special children's time, where children are invited forward for a bible lesson with the pastor. After children's time, children can remain in the sanctuary or go to children's church with our trained volunteers. We recognize that chidlren sometimes become restless during worship; we provide children's bulletins and activity bags at the doors to the sanctuary. Volunteers from our children's ministry are often available at the back of the sanctuary to quietly play with children needing a little more wiggle room during the service. If there are more ways we can support your family, please let us know by emailing
  • Can I receive communion?
    Yes! It is our practice to celebrate holy communion on the first Sunday of each month. We share gluten-free bread and grape juice as we receive the sacrament. Instructions for how to receive are given during each communion service. We believe that the communion table belongs to Christ, not to us. That means you don't need to be a member of our church or any church to receive communion. We simply ask that you are earnestly seeking to receive God's grace and forgiveness through the bread and the cup. You can learn more about communion in The United Methodist Church by clicking here.
  • Is New Hope handicap accessible?
    Each Sunday, we make sure ramps are placed by the front doors of the church to ensure all can enter. Our sanctuary is on the second floor, and is accessible via chair lift. We have one accessible restroom. Other parts of our building are not fully accessible, requiring 1-5 stair steps to reach.
  • What does it mean that New Hope is United Methodist?
    There are United Methodist churches all around the world, and we are glad to be connected to one another through this denomination. The mission of The United Methodist Church is "to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world," and each local church does its part to live out that mission in their local community. At New Hope, we believe this mission is hope worth sharing! Not all United Methodist churches are the same: some are more conservative, others more liberal; congregations worship in almost any language you can think of; worship styles and practices vary based on the community where each church is located. You can find more information on United Methodist beliefs by clicking here.
  • Face Masks and Social Distancing
    Face masks are optional A few pews have been blocked off for social distancing.
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