Getting to Know

Rev. Katie O'Hern Hamilton

"Begin at the beginning, and go on til you come to the end..." [Lewis Carroll]

Where did you grow up?

My parents were Career Navy, I was born in Bethesda & we moved around often. We lived in Hawaii when I was a child, then we moved to Virginia Beach, and then settled into Ellicot City, where I call home.

What's on unique roll you had in the family you were brought up in?

I was the "Rodeo Clown," the diffuser. I liked to shake conflicts loose.

Can you tell us about your calling into Pastoral Ministry? When did you sense a call?

As a lifelong Methodist, I had always been very involved in youth programs since I was a child. As a freshman in high school, I participated in a summer long mission trip at the Tennessee Outreach Project that put on a Daycamp for kids. Both during and after the program I felt I had found a way to serve and felt a sense of belonging. Church leaders would notice my passion for working with children & youth groups and would often ask me if I had ever considered becoming a youth pastor.

I had always known church was important in life, but as a high schooler, I was unsure if I wanted it to be my entire life. So I decided to go to SUNY Geneseo to earn my BS in Elementary & Special Education, while continuing to serve at church with the youth programs. After college, the pastor at my current church asked her the same question, “Have you ever thought about being a youth pastor?” and recommended me for a position at a neighboring church.


During the application & interview process I went all-in, trying on the identity of a youth pastor. During the long process, I became excited at the opportunity to serve in a new way. However, they had decided to hire someone with a degree in ministry. Well then I sat and said, "Well what do I do now? Is this a sign?" Then I served as a layman for conference at 21 and had my "Ah-Ha" moment. I remembered thinking, "I really like these people, these could be my people. With encouragement from friends, and past church leaders, I decided to persue my Master of Divinity and Master of Arts in Christian Education from Princeton Theological Seminary.

What mission trip has been your favorite? Where did  you go, what did you enjoy most?

As a freshman in At Mountain Tennessee Outreach Project's Daycamp for Kids, that was a full summer camp.